4:17 PM   |   November 17, 2018
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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Returns! - By far the best show on TV

If you enjoy brilliant comedy that stretches the boundaries of your typical TV series, then I suggest you donate 30 minutes to season 3 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiering Thursday the 13th at 10pm on FX.

Four characters, Mac, Charlie, Sweet Dee, and Dennis own a bar in south Philadelphia- Paddy's Pub, along with Dennis and Dee's father Frank Reynolds played by Danny DeVito. These friends are always looking for bigger and better chances in life but always get tossed back to Paddy's.

Various episodes include Mac dating a transvestite, Charlie getting crippled and finding sympathy at strip clubs, and Dennis and Dee go on Welfare. It's Always Sunny, a TV series that begs for morals. But then again if Sunny had morals I would not care to watch it.

Adding DeVito to the cast in Season 2 was like putting the lobster shirt on Kramer. It just seemed to work from day one and brought an improved look to a show that was already on the verge of greatness. After watching a clip for season 3 there is no doubt that Sunny picked up right where it left off, demoralizing values. The plots and writing kept me fully tuned into the show, always catching a small line that might go unnoticed to a first time viewer.

I've seen this show develop from the first episode and have relentlessly tried to make my friends watch the show. Almost giving up hope that these jokes and schemes will be missed by everyone else but me. But then again I always hate it when a TV series becomes too famous to quick and I overhear some sorority girl talking it up at Jimmy Johns. I will defiantly enjoy this while I can.
Nick Ray

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