12:21 AM   |   October 22, 2018
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Thankfully Not Your Everyday Watch

wouldn't say that this is the next best design in wristwatch fashion, but it certainly is fun to own one.

Tokyoflash Japan is deffinatly a unique series of Japanese watches that illustrates a new way of telling time.

Modestly priced watches, ranging from 6,900 - 21,900 Yen (60 - 185), Tokyoflash watches mainly feature LED lights that display the time as well as the month and date.

You might be one of their only clients in your city, comforting knowing that someone else isn't wearing that same Kenneth Cole watch.

I reviewed the "Pimp: P2 Pusher" with an open mind. It's a very user friendly watch with good direct instructions, trust me, you'll need them.

After three minutes the watch was set up and I could start pimping the office, (yes I was timed thank you). It was amusing trying to figure out what the hell time it was and getting coworkers to feel inferior in their time telling abilities.

I guess pimpin' ain't easy. I took the new "Pimp" out for a test drive this weekend and got some pretty fun response. The usual smart-ass remarks from my friends.
Questions if I could speak computer? Or if I took the red pill.
But overall people just enjoy something distinctive and new. I would deffinatly recommend reviewing their website tokyoflash.com, check out the watch museum too. You never know who these interesting watches will appeal to.

Keep Tokyoflash in mind for the holidays if you want to mystify and puzzle grandpa. It only makes sense after years of tube socks and dog colanders.
Nick Ray

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