11:14 PM   |   October 21, 2018
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Birkin Bag - Real or Fake?

Well it finally got here, the famed Hermes Birkin Bag. Yes the one from Sex and the City. The one with the 2 year waiting list. The one with the price tag that STARTS at 10 Grand. The very same bag carried by Jessica Simpson. Luckily the bag that I got came in the mail with about 150 stamps on it and was post marked from Hong Kong. Even luckier was the fact that my new bride, the Perky and Spunky Adriana, had never experienced the real thing.

Of course when the bag came I did not tell her it was not from Paris. Instead it came from www.aaareplicas.com. I carefully unwrapped is and looked at my new find. I even went to the Hermes website to look at the real deal. The markings looked identical. The leather was supple. It even came with a genuine suede protective case.

My wife came home from work and I was the King of the Castle. She could not have been more thrilled. She "tried it on" and looked at herself in the mirror from every possible angle. She kept asking me if it were real. She kept asking how much it cost. Of course I went along with it as the Perky and Spunky Adriana was as tickled as she was on her prom night.

I do have to hand it to the folks at aaareplicas.com. They made a perfect purse. She loved the accessories that came along with it as much as the purse itself. Then came the death blow, she HAD to go to Somerset and check out how much it really cost. Well, let me tell you my friends, no longer was I the King of the Castle. Instead I had been demoted to Prince. She still loved the bag. She just no longer believed that it was real.

The verdict is in, buy your replicas from www.aaareplicas.com. You will NOT get scammed and you'll get your order in a surprisingly quick fashion, but please, please do not go for one that costs 100 times more than you can afford.

Contact Bruce with any questions or comments at bjarrard@detroitindependent.com

Bruce Jarrad

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