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Cheescakes Arrive In Ypsilanti

Taste of the Old World Arrives in Ypsilanti
Downtown Ypsilanti, already known for its wonderful historic buildings and charm, has just added another gem to its collection of businesses, restaurants and cafes: Old World Bakery. Located at 40 North Huron, owner and EMU graduate Tim Edinger moved into this location in mid May and first opened his doors to retail customers June 21st.

“It's a dessert destination" says Edinger who first started the bakery in May 2005. After three years of running a successful wholesale operation, he decided that he wanted to find a downtown location that could accommodate his wholesale, website and retail business.That place was downtown Ypsilanti.

Why Ypsilanti?“It's a great downtown with lots of great potential" says Edinger. “I want to be involved in helping with the revival of downtown Ypsilanti.

Having two wholesale customers - Haabs Restaurant and Bombadill's Cafe - within walking distance makes my deliveries a lot easier and cuts down on gas.Plus, I just love it here.

Old World Bakery, named in honor of his family's roots and love for cooking and baking, offers over 31 flavors of Ann Arbor Style Cheesecakes which can be bought whole or by the slice. "What makes an Ann Arbor Style Cheesecake different than the New York Style Cheesecake? “It's lighter and creamer and not as heavy and dense" says Edinger. “People say that they can't stop eating it“ that's why our motto is“So good, it makes you want to eat more with every bite!"

Old World Bakery also bakes two kinds of tortes, a French Lemon Torte and a Chocolate Mousse Torte, as well as a variety of fabulously decorated sugar cookies and five different flavors of coffee cakes. Newer desserts include Tiramisu, Old Fashioned Lemon Ice Cream and two flavors of Ypsilanti Brownies: Chocolate Chip Walnut and Raspberry Cheesecake. For more information on all of Old World Bakery's products check out www.annarborstylecheesecakes.com

The experience of walking into Old World Bakery is a wonderful one.Its front of the store retail area and production area blend together and make you feel like you're sitting in your favorite friend or relative's kitchen and enjoying a dessert that's just been made especially for you. The bakery is open for retail business Saturday 12pm-7pm,Sunday 11am-2pm, Monday 4pm-7pm and Tuesday 4pm-7pm. A grand opening celebration for Old World Bakery will be held on October 10th 11am to 7pm.

Robert Harper

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