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You Need To Know About Acai Berry And Monavie

Don Freeze never dreamed he would end up in the health and wellness industry.


Like many other native-Detroiters, Don began his career in the automotive industry.  By all standards, he did very well. Don parlayed his engineering degrees and experience at General Motors into a multi-million dollar, international consulting firm.


“I had all the outward trappings of success" a high six-figure income, big house, luxury cars, travels to some of the world's most beautiful places, and friends around the world. But it was all hollow.


“In the late 1990s I met a man named Orrin Woodward. I actually wanted to hire him as a consultant for my firm. Although Orrin did work for me for a short time, this young man 15 years my junior and far less experienced introduced me to some concepts that opened my eyes to the emptiness of my life.


“I had been divorced almost ten years and my relationship with my daughter was strained at best.  My finances were a mess,although I made a lot of money, I had never learned financial discipline, so I actually spent more than I made! And my health was on a crash course with disaster. I drank too much, ate the wrong foods, and generally took for granted that I would always be healthy.


“When I read 'The Cash Flow Quadrant' by Robert Kiyosaki, I realized why I didn't have any financial security in spite of my high-level income. Orrin also suggested other books that helped me to understand why my marriage failed and my relationship with my daughter was such a mess".


Don joined Orrin in what came to be known as TEAM, a community of people committed to improving the world through personal growth and leadership development.  Over the years, TEAM honed its training system and became the preeminent authority on community building.


Fast forward to 2008.  Orrin met Dallin Larsen, who founded MonaVie in January 2005.  MonaVie is a functional fruit juice featuring the Acai berry, a food with the highest known levels of beneficial antioxidants.


“Science has learned so much about the power of antioxidants in protecting our bodies from the ravages of time and environmental stresses.  Dallin had met a scientist who had spent 15 years studying the benefits of the acai berry, a rare fruit found only in the rain forests of the Amazon.


“This acai berry has the highest level of antioxidants of any food yet studied.  However, it is extremely perishable, so the beneficial qualities were not known outside the native Brazilians living in the Amazon region where the acai palm grows".


Many different methods are used to harvest and preserve the acai and bring it to market, but so far only one method is able to preserve the antioxidant levels.  MonaVie has developed a proprietary method of freeze-drying that not only preserves, but actually enhances the antioxidant levels of the berry. “Right now, acai is the 'hot' super-food, and it is being added to everything from grape juice to skin care products.  What most people don't realize is that unless the acai has been properly freeze-dried, it has absolutely no value" states Don.


“I was skeptical at first.  In fact, I was downright resistant to the thought of selling fruit juice.  But I trust Orrin's judgment, and if he thought MonaVie was a good idea, then I needed to pay attention.  I started by using the product myself and sharing it with family and friends.  I was shocked by what happened!


“Honestly, if I did not know these people personally, I would not have believed their stories.  My 88-year-old mother, who had not slept thought the night in 20 years and could not leave the house before noon, is now sleeping through the night and full of energy in the morning.


“My mother-in-law saw her cholesterol levels drop so much she no longer needs cholesterol-lowering medication.  A good friend with Multiple Sclerosis has improved so drastically in the six months he's used MonaVie, his physician wants to conduct a study on MonaVie and M.S. sufferers. (Physicians at University of Southern California recently contacted MonaVie about setting up this study.) And my sister-in-law, a marathon runner in great health, says she loves the added energy she feels".


MonaVie does not make any health claims other than the heart-health benefits the FDA permits with the Pulse products.  But the anecdotal reports are often amazing.


The recommended daily serving of four ounces of MonaVie provides antioxidant levels equivalent to approximately 13 servings of fruits and vegetables.  “Even if you don't feel any different, you know you are helping your body to function better through improved nutrition" says Don.


“Working with TEAM and MonaVie allows me to do what I could never do in automotive consulting-make a significant difference in peoples' lives. With this I can "pay it forward" and help others in the same way Orrin helped me, specifically with the problems that keep people awake at night.


“The TEAM provides education and training that help people to improve their leadership and relationship skills.  MonaVie and TEAM offer a way to develop additional income that can far surpass anything you could earn on a job.  And the MonaVie products provide a way to delay or even prevent the health problems associated with aging and the accumulation of years of poor nutritional choices.


“It's very serendipitous in that so many things came together at just the right time" says Don. TEAM has been recognized as the leader in community building for seven years straight. Add to that the publication of Launching a Leadership Revolution by Orrin Woodward and his partner, Chris Brady that hit #1 on the Wall Street Journal's business list in November 2007.

Around that same time, Orrin met Dallin Larsen, who founded a company that reached a billion dollars in sales in less than three-and-a-half years, based on the tiny little obscure acai­ berry. Because of the discovery of the health benefits of this berry, natives of the Amazon rainforest now earn more by preserving the acai palms and harvesting the berries than they ever could by cutting the trees down.  That alone will provide untold benefits for the health of the planet for years to come. 


“Finally, in the current economy, I consider it a huge blessing to be able to offer people financial relief through a proven business development system.


“I love what I do" says Don with a smile.  And it's clear that he does.



For more information on MonaVie, go to www.the-team.biz/mv1314767. For more information about TEAM, email Don at don.freeze@the-team.biz.


MonaVie is available in three blends:

Original - the original blend of 19 body-beneficial fruits, including the acai­ berry.

Active - specifically formulated for improved joint health, MonaVie Active features the added benefit of plant-derived glucosamine.

Pulse - includes heart health benefits derived from plant sterols, resveratrol, and omega-3 fatty acids.




·  Studies on the composition and bioactivities of acai have been published in the top-ranked peer-reviewed journal in applied chemistry, nutrition and agriculture, the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

· Freeze-drying is a superior method to preserve the nutritional, phytochemical, and antioxidant capacity of acai, compared to spray-drying, sun-drying, or other methods of preservation. (Schauss, Alexander G.  Acai: An Extraordinary Antioxidant-Rich Palm Fruit. Tacoma, WA: Biosocial Publications, 2008.)

·  The USDA has analyzed 278 fruits, vegetables and nuts, all plant foods, including acai­, for antioxidant capacity using ORAC. The total ORAC of freeze-dried acai is the highest reported ORAC for any food, regardless of moisture content, reported in the scientific literature, at 1027 micromoles of Trolox equivalent per gram. (Schauss, p.102)

·  In a double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover clinical study, subjects drinking four ounces of MonaVie Active had a significant increase in antioxidant capacity and inhibition in lipid peroxidation.  (Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 2008 Sep 24; 56(18):8326-33. E-pub 2008 Aug 22.)




·  Acai is one of nature's top superfoods.

·  Consuming MonaVie helps you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

·  People who regularly consume MonaVie have reported better health and an overall sense of well being. 

· MonaVie products offer a simple and convenient solution to help meet some of your body's nutritional needs. 

·  MonaVie's premier acai blend delivers antioxidants and phytonutrients to help maintain and promote good health. 

·  In comparing ORAC scores, four ounces of MonaVie has the equivalent antioxidant capacity of approximately 13 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Robert Harper

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