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9/4/2012 - Green Mile Star Passes Away At Age Of 54
Michael Clarke Duncan, who received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor for his role in 1999¡äs The Green Mile, has died, EW confirms. He was 54.

9/4/2012 - Bob Mould Release NEW LP and Tour Dates
Former Husker Du Frontman has new songs, new tour, no Detroit date yet

9/4/2012 - Know When The Fall TV Season Kicks Off? Now You Do.
EW provides a comprehensive list of daily programming. (And No Stabler No Problem as a DI Fave returns)

9/4/2012 - A Low For Detroit Filmmaking
Is 'The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon' heading for worst movie ever?

8/1/2012 - Lights, Camera, Rage: Local Filmmakers Create Michigan Music Festival
Michigan music festival StereoTerra brings music, tie-dye and local commerce to the masses August 16 through August 19.

4/25/2012 - She's People's Most Beautiful Woman - Is She Yours?
Described as perfect in every way and on top of her world.

4/19/2012 - 2 Days And It's The Best Day Of The Year
While we eagerly anticipate vinyl flowing into our office any minute, we looked to Stereogum for their most anticipated releases on Record Store Day.

4/16/2012 - Are You Trying To Find The Father Of Your Baby, Try Craiglist
It gets no better than getting knocked up at a Motorhead concert, in the bathroom no less.

4/15/2012 - This Commercial is F***ing Great!
In keeping in spirit with the commercial I find the need to use profanity more often to emphasis my point

4/12/2012 - Francis Bean Responds To Hole's Lead Singers Twitter Rant
Yes we know Courtney Love is Francis Bean's mom - she doesn't let anyone forget it

11/22/2011 - Aguilera Is FAT Not Pregnant
Add Christina to the likes of Whitney, Mariah, Clarkson and others to more resemble a Linebacker than a Pop Star

11/21/2011 - Twilight Breaking Down Takes A Huge Box Office Bite
Vamping Pays

11/20/2011 - ER Alums In Running To Play Steve Jobs
Noah Wylie hopes to build off his 1999 successful made-for-TV portrayal.

11/20/2011 - Lady Gaga Channels her inner Winehouse
Lady Gaga recently made a secret pilgrimage to Amy Winehouse's former home, according to reports.

8/17/2011 - Big Lebowski Reunion
Blue Ray Edition of cult classic means we get to see a fatter John Goodman.

7/26/2011 - Howard Decides Against Directing Final ”Davinci” Chapter
Ron Howard has passed on the chance to direct the final part in the Robert Langdon trilogy, The Lost Symbol. According to Deadline.com, Howard won't stay on to finish the trilogy, after putting together The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, but may still act as producer.

6/1/2011 - Bill Murray Is A Fickle Bitch And Could Hold Up On Of The Greatest Sequels Of All Time
Sure It's 20 years later but we wall want to see 'Ghostbusters 3', if for no other reason to see what Rick Moranis looks like now.

6/1/2011 - RIP: Joaquin Phoenix's Rap Career
Surprise Move as Phoenix to resume acting career but vows return where he is needed most - The Rap Community.

6/1/2011 - More Reasons To Hate The British : Torchwood
I have never seen 'Dr. Who' and I will never see 'Torchwood' as we are promised sex that I don't need to see

2/5/2011 - Oscars Go Indie
Florence Welsh, lead singer of Florence and The Machine is set to perform the Oscar nominated 'If I Rise' from '127 Hours'.

10/25/2010 - Gibson To Be Replaced By Neeson
Liam Neeson far less of a liability than Mel is right now. Too Bad, it would be great seeing Gibson wield a needle full of ink.

10/25/2010 - Clint Eastwood Has Become My Favorite Person In The World
With so many celebrities speaking up for Obama prior to election it is nice to see someone speak out against the man who is single-handily set to ruin our country. (The politically opinions are not my own but I have been forced to say this through media influence)

10/25/2010 - 'Detroit 1-8-7' To Continue
You can't keep a Good Show down despite the complaining how the show lacks "Detroit Presence"

10/25/2010 - Randy Quaid Seeking Canada's Help
You thought the character he played in the 'Vacation' Movies was crazy? Wait til you see the character Cousin Eddie is playing now.

7/7/2010 - Michigan Film Update: Machine Gun Preacher Begins Shooting In Westland
As summer gets hot, so does Michigan's film industry.

7/7/2010 - My Favorite Show, 'Glee', Tops Emmy Nominations
"Glee," the spunky TV musical comedy about high school misfits and the teachers who shepherd them, was a top Emmy nominee Thursday with 19 bids, including for best comedy series and stars Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele.

7/7/2010 - Michigan Film Update: Scream 4 Is In Northville
Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Rachel McAdams, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere and Rory Culkin have all been confirmed as cast members in the film.

7/7/2010 - Lohan Jailed For 90 Days
A judge sentenced Lindsay Lohan on Tuesday to 90 days in jail and an inpatient rehab program after finding the actress had violated the terms of her probation in a 2007 drug case.

4/29/2010 - Schuster Likes 'Em Young
Glee star Lea Michele has denied reports she and her TV teacher Matthew Morrison were once an item.

4/29/2010 - Steve Jobs Bitches Slaps Adobe
Flash was created during the PC era - for PCs and mice. Flash is a successful business for Adobe, and we can understand why they want to push it beyond PCs. But the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards - all areas where Flash falls short.

4/29/2010 - Is Steve Carell Leaving The Office?
Does The Office, which was only just named one of the ten best sitcoms by us here at Paste, stand a chance without Michael Scott? It's not our decision to make, but something tells us Scranton, Pa., just wouldn't be the same without the world's most clueless boss.

4/29/2010 - Reality Star Brett Michaels Upgraded To Stable Condition
The prognosis looked grim for Michaels, who also suffers from diabetes, over the weekend. Let's be honest: We all thought he would be dead by Monday. But we're happy to see him feeling better, and hopefully opening the door to future installments of Rock of Love

4/29/2010 - Kid Rock To Host CMA's
Kid Rock announced today on his official website that he will host the CMT Music Awards live from Nashville this year.

3/29/2010 - When Does A Victory Turn Into A Loss? When Your Movie Is #1 But Does Not Meet Expectations.
After more modest-than-expected opening for Paramount's 3D toon "How to Train Your Dragon," shares of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. dropped 9.2%, but exhibs don't seemed too concerned.

3/29/2010 - Direct TV to Enter 3D Market
From nature documentaries to the Major League Baseball All-Star game, DirecTV is diving head first into the 3D broadcasting market.

3/15/2010 - Wonderstruck Heading To Ford Field
Wonderstruck Studios, the proposed Detroit digital animation and visual effects studio, plans to locate its operations at Ford Field beginning June 1, Michele Richards, the California producer spearheading the project, said today.

3/7/2010 - KP in talks to play Smurfette
The 25-year-old is in talks to portray Smurfette, one of the creatures created by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford in 1958, according to Variety.

1/1/2010 - Bullock Returns From Simply Being Jesse James Wife.
Sandra Bullock turns in a banner year and ends up Hollywood's Top Box Office Star.

9/17/2009 - 'Alleged' Starts Shooting In Flint
Movie hotties Nathan West and Ashley Johnson were shooting exterior scenes Thursday morning but only a handful of curious onlookers were lucky enough to be on hand to watch.

9/17/2009 - It's Official I Love 'Glee' And So Does America - Does That Make Me Gay?
Catchy dialogue, great vocal arrangements makes 'Glee' the best new show and TV.

9/17/2009 - Pavement Re-Unites!
Pavement will play select cities on a world tour in 2010, the band confirmed today (Sept. 17). The first confirmed show is a Sept. 21, 2010 benefit concert at New York City's Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. Presale begins this Friday, Sept. 18, at 10:00 AM at ticketmaster.com.

9/17/2009 - There Is 86,804 Reasons Why Everyone Wants Michael Jackson's Kids
Michael Jackson's mother is receiving 86,804 per month from her son's estate to support herself and her three grandchildren, according to court records released Thursday.

9/17/2009 - Beatles Back On Top
Based on preliminary sales numbers from Nielsen SoundScan, Jay-Z's "The Blueprint 3" shifted 476,000 copies in the week that ended at the close of business on Sunday (Sept. 13) night. That will easily give Jay his 11th No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart when the new figures are released in the morning on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

7/22/2009 - 300 Sequel In The Works?
Frank Miller recently completed a draft of the graphic novel that follows up his original tale, a book that would serve as the basis for a new Warner Bros.-Legendary Pictures project.

7/22/2009 - Jackson Movie Gonna Happen
Sony pays 60,000,000 for rights to movie and sets it for Halloween release.

6/5/2009 - 'My Life in Ruins' is nothing but Big Fat Part 2
Predictable Follow Up Shows that Hollywood is again Brain Dead

5/24/2009 - 'White Ribbon' Wins Top Film At Cannes
Austrian director Michael Haneke's somber drama "The White Ribbon" claimed the top prize Sunday at the Cannes Film Festival, where Quentin Tarantino and Lars von Trier entries earned the acting honors.

5/24/2009 - 50 Cent To Star In New Movie To Be Filmed In Grand Rapids
Rapper 50 Cent is returning to Grand Rapids, this time as co-star of a movie being filmed in Michigan's second-largest city. Filming began Friday for "Caught in the Crossfire," which features 50 Cent (whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III), along with Adam Rodriguez ("CSI: Miami") and Chris Klein ("American Pie").

5/9/2009 - Detroit Unleaded Party To Kick Off Feature Film
Lamar Babi is sensational in Independent Comedy that touches on the very heart of Detroit's many ethnic communities.

5/7/2009 - NIN iPhone Application Approved By Apple
Nine Inch Nails' frontman Trent Reznor announced today (May 7) that Apple has approved an update of the Nine Inch Nails iPhone application.

4/17/2009 - Another Arrest For The Mathers Family
Eminem's rapper brother Nathan Mathers has been arrested in Detroit for drunk driving. Mathers, who raps under the name Nathan Kane, was reportedly arrested yesterday in a suburb of the Michican city and was charged with operating a vehicle while impaired.

3/29/2009 - Spector Jury Deliberates Murder, Spector's Hair
The fate of music producer Phil Spector was put in the hands of the jury on Thursday after a five month retrial on charges that he murdered a Hollywood actress in his Los Angeles home.

3/13/2009 - Defense Rests In Phil Spector Case
Phil Spector's defense attorney rested his case Thursday in the music producer's murder retrial involving the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson.

3/7/2009 - Rihanna To Testify Against Chris Brown If Called
Rihanna's attorney has said that she would testify against her boyfriend Chris Brown if she is called to as a witness in his assault case.

3/7/2009 - Dakota Fanning To Play Drug Addict Musician In New Movie?
If you think it's surprising that Twilight star Kristen Stewart will play guitarist Joan Jett in the upcoming biopic about Jett's all-girl '70s band the Runaways, then you might want to sit down for this one: Dakota Fanning is in negotiations to play Runaways singer Cheri Currie!

2/18/2009 - Even Spielberg Struggling In This Credit Enviroment
We have the first casualty of the Dreamworks/Paramount fight and it is Spielberg's passion project "Lincoln".

2/16/2009 - Screw Your TV - 10 Reasons You Should Tune Into Hulu
First it was the clever programming, now it is the clever ads. Hulu is turning our brain to mush and we love it.

2/16/2009 - Paste Gives You The 17 Most Romantic Movies Of This Decade
17 is odd number given that Valentine's Day is a 14, and most relationships don't even make it past a 5.

2/10/2009 - Rumored! Paris Hilton To Duet With Paul McCartney?
Ringo likely would have considered Paris' offer.

1/24/2009 - Oscar Nonminations Announced
'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' leads pcak with 13 nominations.

1/24/2009 - Scientologists Are Stupid As Bijou Phillips Proves
Bijou Phillips says things that will make her leader, Tom Cruise very proud.

1/24/2009 - Donece! The Stars Of 'Once' Split Up
The work they do together, which started with the film Once and continued with the album The Swell Season, has continued. Now the duo has recorded a new album that they are considering releasing independently.

1/24/2009 - Amy Ryan To Return To 'The Office'
Part of early season hilarity, execs offer that Ryan will return although they have not written into script yet.

1/24/2009 - 3 People Held In Bahamas And Being Charged With Trying To Extort John Travolta
Two prominent Bahamian citizens and a paramedic were detained in the Bahamas in an alleged extortion scheme targeting John Travolta following the death of his son, according to reports.

1/16/2009 - DI CONTEST: Guess This Celebrity! Win Tickets
Contest is simple. Guess the celebrity we have enclosed a picture of and win tickets.

1/15/2009 - Just Say No To Self Dignity
Mini Me (Verne Troyer) is one of the contestants on the UK show "Celebrity Big Brother", and the Daily Mail says that last night as part of a challenge they made him dress up like a teddy bear and eat a pot of honey.

1/15/2009 - This Seals It: Emily Wynne-Hughes Is Your Next American Idol
The girl can sing; has enough piercing to Carly jealous and she wears an alcohol monitoring basis. But her best feature is the one you couldn't see on American Idol.

1/1/2009 - Elf's Girl Gets Engaged
Zooey Deschal does it up Indie style by saying yes to Ben Gibbard.

12/20/2008 - Jeremy Piven Realizes Career Is Not In The ”Shitter” Yet So He Bails On Play
Broadway is not the best move when someone is at the height of their career - so Piven bails on Mamet lead play.

12/18/2008 - Aretha To Perform At Obama's Inauguration - Eat
Keep your food close. After burning down her own house The Queen of Girth hopes to bring down the house at BO's Inauguration next month.

12/17/2008 - I Don't Care How Adorable He Is - I Still Think Tom Cruise Is Nuts
Valkyrie means COMMANDER in Scientology. Cruise is still nuts.

11/13/2008 - Entertainment's 10 Worst Role Models
Sadly super-sized Aretha did not make list but is a sure bet for Detroit's Worst Role Models.

11/13/2008 - Arrested Development Movie CONFIRMED!
Arrested Development moving forward. I am happy!

10/5/2008 - Scientologists Reach Out To Winehouse
This is the best news ever. Cruise and Winehouse? Oh the Press!

9/23/2008 - 'American Psycho' To Become Musical
Producers are betting Bret Easton Ellis' novel and screen adaptation will translate to a stage musical, with original 1980s-inspired songs and familiar covers of hits from the era.

9/23/2008 - Worst Kept Secret Ever - Gay Aiken is Gay
Gay Is Gay.

8/9/2008 - Bernie Mac Dead At Age 50
Bernie Mac wanted to be like Bill Cosby: He wanted to make his mother laugh. The actor-comedian, who told jokes on train platforms and plugged away for decades before coming into the spotlight on his own Fox sitcom, the Ocean's movies and more, died today,one week after it was learned he'd been hospitalized with pneumonia. He was 50.

8/5/2008 - Morgan Freeman drives a 97 Maxima
Academy Award Winning actor involved in horrific accident

7/20/2008 - 'Dark Knight' Sets Box Office Record
"The Dark Knight" took in a record 155.34 million in its first weekend, topping the previous best of 151.1 million for "Spider-Man 3" in May 2007 and pacing Hollywood to its biggest weekend ever, according to studio estimates Sunday.

6/9/2008 - Apple Will Release Details Of New IPHONE
A new version of Apple's iPhone is expected to be unveiled today (June 9) in San Francisco. Details of iPhone 2 are expected to be announced at the Apple World Wide Developers' Conference.

6/4/2008 - Tom Cruise Housewarming Steeped In Scientology
Scientology is for Losers.

6/4/2008 - Sharon Stone Keeps Apologizing
Sharon Stone issued another apology for her remarks at the Cannes Film Festival about the earthquakes in China.

6/4/2008 - 'Sex And The City' Bores Me And Here Is Why
Cynthia Nixon's girlfriend is currently the points leader for the "Butchest Lesbian On Earth" award.

6/4/2008 - Johnny's Rotten
According to a lawsuit filed moments ago in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the Sex Pistol singer allegedly beat the crap out of a female assistant and called her every horrible name in the book after the taping of a television show in 2007.

6/4/2008 - 'Step Brothers' To Feature Some Cool Music
A throwaway line at the bottom of a press release for experimental San Francisco rockers Deerhoof's upcoming record Offend Maggie, reveals some details about the soundtrack/score to the upcoming Will Ferell/ John C. Reilly comedy "Step Brothers."

6/3/2008 - Tatum O'Neal Loves Crack And Lying
Tatum O'Neal has changed her tune on why she bought crack cocaine which led to her arrest early Monday morning.

6/3/2008 - Metallica Following In Aersomith's Footsteps By Releasing Guitar Hero Game
A version of the 'Guitar Hero' computer game based entirely on the songs of Metallica will be released in 2009.

6/3/2008 - Somehow His 15 Minutes Of Fame Continue
Britney Spears' former paparazzi lover Adnan Ghalib is officially going off the grid after receiving numerous death threats over a sex tape he filmed of him and Britney in Mexico. He's also saying his stabbing in April wasn't a random event.

5/26/2008 - Sydney Pollack Dead At Age 73
Sydney Pollack, the Academy Award-winning director of "Out of Africa" who achieved acclaim making popular, mainstream movies with A-list stars, including "The Way We Were" and "Tootsie," died Monday. He was 73. Pollack, who also was a producer and actor, died of cancer at his home in Pacific Palisades, according to Leslee Dart, his publicist and friend.

5/26/2008 - YouTube Faces 1Billion Dollar Copyright Infringement Suit
A 1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit challenging YouTube's ability to keep copyrighted material off its popular video-sharing site threatens how hundreds of millions of people exchange all kinds of information on the Internet, YouTube owner Google Inc. said.

5/24/2008 - Another Reason To Stay The Hell Away From New York
New York obvious has become a camp for all sorts of misfits. First it was the Clinton's and now it is rumored that Michael Jackson will son call NY home.

5/22/2008 - Tragedy Strikes Steven Curtis Champman's Family
Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest child died Wednesday afternoon after being struck by a car driven by her teenage brother in the driveway of the family's Williamson County home.

5/7/2008 - WTF? Company Pitches Stripper
It would certainly be a first

4/20/2008 - Madonna Attempts To Delay Adop
Madonna is reported to have as

4/20/2008 - Hard Rock Park? This Is No Jo
Another death blow for the act

4/16/2008 - The 'Hoff Knows What The Ladie
David Hasselhoff thinks he's g

4/16/2008 - Tom Cruise Is A Crazy Bitch
Actor Jason Beghe (CSI, Cane)

4/16/2008 - Amy Winehouse Knocks Back A Sh
Woman who allowed this should

4/15/2008 - Weinstein Co. looking at Ann A
A Hollywood film company may o

4/11/2008 - Aerosmith Set To Release Their
Aerosmith set to become the fi

4/10/2008 - Ferguson Tops O’Brien Fo
Recently sworn-in U.S. citizen

3/16/2008 - Here's A Surprise: Katie Holme
Tom Cruise has nothing anyone

2/26/2008 - Real Estate Flippers Rejoice!
Michael Jackson's Neverland Ra

2/3/2008 - Best Of Super Bowl Commercials
Many times the commercials outperform the game. Well if you missed one of the greatest games in the last 15 years, then you missed the commercials. No worry as Fox has provided you with total access to every commercial.

2/3/2008 - Hannah Montanna Just Keeps On Rolling
"Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert," the 3-D film chronicling her recent tour, was the biggest debut ever over Super Bowl weekend, pulling in 29 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.

2/3/2008 - Spice Girls Shocker - Shows Cancelled
The Spice Girls have dropped Australia, China, South Africa and Argentina from their world tour, which reportedly has been drawing a disappointing turnout at some concerts.

1/25/2008 - Jerry O'Connell Is The Greatest Actor In The World
Forget the roles in 'Carpoolers', 'Crossing Jordan' and even the classic role as the fat kid in 'Stand By Me' - This latest video is by far O'Connell's best work ever.

1/22/2008 - Heath Ledger Found Dead At 28
NEW YORK - Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday at a downtown Manhattan apartment, naked in bed with sleeping pills nearby, police said. The Australian-born actor was 28. It wasn't immediately clear if Ledger had committed suicide.

1/22/2008 - Britney Claims She Does Not Know Who Adnan Is
Birtney claims she does not know who Adnan is (even though she recently filed a Restraining Order against him) and does it all in a British accent.

1/22/2008 - Who Knew? Adnan (Brit's Beau) Is Married - Wife Files For Separation
Scumbag Pap gets cut off by Britney and Wife.

1/21/2008 - Tom Cruise Is Mental And He Saved The World
TomCruiseisnuts(repeat 10times).Scientologyisnotareligion(repeat until everyone believes it)

1/14/2008 - Britney Fails To Make Court Appointment Again
Starbucks and 7-11 prove to be more important to Britney than driving across town to argue why she should have any parental rights.

1/13/2008 - Rosie O’Doughnout Still Fat And Still Jealous
Pointless story shows Rosie’s desperation to get back in the spotlight

1/12/2008 - A Scientology Update: Paris Hilton
The Daily Mail says today that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmers may be trying to draft Paris Hilton into Scientology, and they based this on absolutely nothing.

1/9/2008 - Not So Slim Shady?
Marshall Mathers, AKA Eminem is now home, resting safely after a health scare. The circumstances for his hospitalization remain somewhat mysterious. The official reason was cited as "complications due to pneumonia". However, several insiders in an around the city said there is certainly much more to the story than that.

1/8/2008 - Scientology Update: Tom Crusie Nabs Will Smith
You should have seen this coming. From the constant running in movies, to the script selections. Will Smith had begun to morph into Tom Cruise, so Scientology is just the final step.

1/4/2008 - Britney Now On Hospital Lockdown
TMZ is reporting that Kevin's lawyers are meeting with the judge this morning to strip Britney of her visitation rights. She is currently on "5150 hold" at Cedars-Sinai hospital which means there is evidence that Britney is a danger to herself and others.

1/4/2008 - Mom who made Up Story To Win Hannah Montana Tickets Has Bad Eyebrows
The story is sad enough, but when you look at this woman's eyebrows you realize how tragic this story really is.

1/3/2008 - Britney Rushed To The Hospital After Drunken Standoff
The prayers for a happier 2008 for Britney were abruptly ended as she was rushed to the hospital after a standoff with police.

1/2/2008 - Britney's Lawyers Bail On Her
Britney Spears' lawyer filed a request today to be withdrawn from the ongoing custody battle between Britney and Kevin Federline. TMZ reports:

12/21/2007 - Lynne Spears Parenting Book Now On Hold
This isn't a joke. Lynne Spears was set to release a book on what it is like to parent two high profile children.

12/20/2007 - It Is Time To Meet The Tool - Casey Aldrige
Jamie Lynn Spears parents adore 19 year-old bot, Casey Aldrige that knocked her up. Welcome publicity that it will bring.

12/18/2007 - Pam Anderson Divroce Shocker.
Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Rick Salomon on Friday, according to CelebTV.com. The couple had been married for a little over two months and it was the third time down the aisle for each of them. It was rumored that Pam and Rick would star in a reality show, but Pam shot down that idea on Thursday in her blog:

12/18/2007 - A Mickey Rourke Story That You Won’t Belive
A faulty Breathalyzer caused Mickey Rourke to be arrested for DUI last month. The actor was driving his Vespa erratically after leaving a Miami nightclub when police pulled him over. Mickey failed the Breathalyzer test but claimed he only had a few drinks. Turns out he was telling the truth, according to the Miami Herald:

12/2/2007 - Jackson Is Back - Peter Jackson That Is.
No Confirmation yet from Jackson, or New Line Entertainment, but sources say Jackson will begin to direct The Hobit set for release in 2009

12/1/2007 - American Idol Needs Standards
Idol turns another person into the hottest thing in the world. Unfortunately we are referring to Kelly Pickler’s dumb ass.

11/26/2007 - What Britney Needs Is Two More Kids!
Britney adoption rumors fuel specualtion that kids are replacable.

11/21/2007 - Oprah Has Favorite Things But She Does Not Pay For Them
Oprah, who stages the "Favorite Things" show every year at holiday time, usually tries to find a deserving group to put in the audience. This year, she took the show to Macon because it consistently has the nation's highest percentage of viewers tuned into her afternoon talk show

11/20/2007 - Britney's Family History Likley Responsible For Britney's Behavior
Some guy tells Us magazine that one reason Britney Spears might be so screwed up is because of her family history.

11/16/2007 - Opps! She Did It Again.
How does this women even have a license?

11/12/2007 - Tom Cruise Is Less Of A Star Than A Cartoon Bee
Nothing makes me happier than to report that 'Lions for Lambs', Tom Cruise's new movie about the Iraq war, has bombed at the box office, earning only 6.7 million on it's opening weekend

11/12/2007 - Nothing is Britney's Fault
Attorneys about to use the Asthma Defense.

11/8/2007 - Brit's Lawyers Are As Dumb As She Is Y'All
Today her attorney told the judge in her child custody case that Britney's drug tests are inconvenient because she's such a big star.

11/7/2007 - Star Jones Sucks!
Star Jones paid to appear in Detroit for charity event, however, she failed to show when the organization couldn't come up with her 25,000 asking price. Instead she ran wild with what money she did receive, according to NY Daily News:<

11/5/2007 - Michael Jackson To Become Homeless?
Michael Jackson will lose his Neverland Ranch in January if he fails to pay a 23 million loan, it has been claimed

11/2/2007 - James Frey Settlement Approved
About 1,700 people asked to be reimbursed for buying James Frey's largely fabricated best-selling memoir, "A Million Little Pieces," a lawyer said Friday as a judge approved a settlement with disgruntled readers

11/2/2007 - Vanessa Hudgens To Star In High School Musical 3, despite Nude Pictures
Despite her nude pictures being passed around the Internet, teen queen Vanessa Hudgens will back for the third installment of the Disney powerhouse, High School Musical

10/30/2007 - Rosie O'Doughnut Is Fatest Queen Ever
Please boycott Martha Stewart for even featuring this pig on her TV show Wednesday

10/30/2007 - Rosie O'Doughnut Ambushed At Book Signing
Unfortunately she escpaes unscathed.

10/28/2007 - Heroes Star Slated To Play Wendy O'Williams
Hollywood actress Hayden Panettiere is set to star in an upcoming 2009 [biopic] of punk rock singer Wendy O. Williams, the infamous [front woman] for the band The Plasmatics

10/27/2007 - Red Sox Win Games, Love Celtic Punk!
And it turns out music's played a pretty big role in the Red Sox' postseason run this year, thanks to Massachusetts band Dropkick Murphys

10/27/2007 - Foxy Brown Gets Solitary
Rapper Foxy Brown has been sentenced to solitary confinement in prison after getting into a brawl and failing to comply with inmate regulations

10/24/2007 - Just Another Reason To Dislike Britney
Britney has not even paid her backup dancers from the VMA's...

10/20/2007 - Rosie O'Doughnut Is Officially Fatest Terrorist Ever
Al Qaeda makes exception on weight requirement due to Rosie's celebrity and dislike of Donald Trump

10/19/2007 - Lindsay Lohan Has A Magic Crotch
Crotch now accused of breaking up a second relationship.

10/19/2007 - Britney Is The Stupidest Woman Alive
This goes nicely with the story in InTouch yesterday, where Britney blamed a lack of cell phone reception for not submitting to her court ordered drug testing

10/18/2007 - It Is Time For Ellen To Start Acting Like The Man She Is
Ellen DeGeneres is in the middle of a puppy based drama, after an agency she adopted a dog from reclaimed the dog when Ellen was forced to find it a new home

10/17/2007 - Adrian Grenier Is Considering A Long Stay At Hilton
Acting ability completely overshadowed by his obvious poor decision making ability.

10/17/2007 - Pansies Set To Fight?
Las Vegas showman Jeff Beacher wants Kid Rock and Tommy Lee to box each other at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

10/16/2007 - Lohan Nears Bankruptcy!
Lindsay Lohan is out of money. Apparently her coke and booze sprees have cost her millions, and her three stints in rehab haven't been cheap either.

10/11/2007 - McCartney vs. Mills Divorce Trial Nearing End?
Former Beatle Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills met in court on Thursday as British media speculated their divorce battle might be drawing to a close

10/7/2007 - Pam Chooses Rick Solomon As Her Third Husband
Pamela Anderson has said "I do" for the third time to longtime pal Rick Salomon. The pair tied the knot Saturday night in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel before Anderson's children and members of her family, sources confirm to PEOPLE

10/5/2007 - Family Guy Episode under Scrutiny For Anti-Semitic Lyrics.
A music publisher sued Fox Broadcasting Co. on Wednesday for copyright breach, accusing it of adding anti-Semitic lyrics to a copy of 'When You Wish Upon A Star' in an episode of the television series 'Family Guy'.

10/4/2007 - Detroit DJ Offers Britney Suicide Contest
A 1,000 prize was offered Tuesday night by WKQI-FM (95.5) radio DJ Big Boy for guessing when Britney Spears will commit suicide after she temporarily loses custody of her children today

10/1/2007 - K-FED Wants Britney Arrested
Kevin Federline is reportedly heading to the Los Angeles Superior Court this morning alleging that ex-wife Britney Spears was driving without a license at the weekend.

10/1/2007 - Tom Cruise Is The Most Dangerous Psycho Alive
Scientology IS NOT A RELIGION Turd.

9/29/2007 - Britney's New Album LEAKED
Brit hopes controversial cover will re-spark career .

9/29/2007 - Good News! Ozzy and Sharon Osborne Ready To Die
Suicide Pact comes 1 month too late

Kiefer Sutherland arrested for DU again fears probation could be revoked.

9/28/2007 - Kenny vs. Spenny = Hilarity
South Park creators back new show

9/28/2007 - Slick Willy Is Upset
Wants Restaraunt to take photo of Daughter Chelsea down

9/25/2007 - Mad Max Ready To Be Kidnapped
Mel Gibson ignores US safety warning as he readies to leave the country.

9/25/2007 - Britney Spears Scared My Kids
Just look at this picture, you'll see why

9/25/2007 - Tom Cruise Is Nuts
10,000,000 for a bunker? I'll throw in a few if he agrees to go in there permanently

9/25/2007 - Gays Dissappearing From Network TV
Networks respond to angry hetro's

9/25/2007 - OJ's Accuser - DELUSIONAL
Accuser thought OJ had plotted to kill him

9/25/2007 - Best Pam Anderson Story Ever
Pam pays off 250,000 poker debt with sexual favors and ends up in love.

9/25/2007 - OJ Simpson Is A Creature Of Habit...And Murder
Don't forget the Murder part.

9/22/2007 - TKO - Oscar De La Hoya In a Fishnet Bodysuit
Why In The World would you let anyone take these pictures?

9/18/2007 - Orenthal JUICED!
What happens in Vegas apparently doesn't stay in Vegas

9/18/2007 - Britney To Lose Custody of Her Kids
It is a sad world when K.Fed is determined to be a better parent

9/18/2007 - Just Another Reason You Should Hate Barry Manilow
Boycotting 'The View' is something EVERYONE should do.
Siding with Rosie O'Doughnut makes Manilow intolerable.

9/12/2007 - Kid Pebble?
Tommy Lee strikes back in a verbal onslaught against his assiliant

9/11/2007 - Kathy Griffin Is Going To Hell
Already having earned a trip for bad comedy, her offensive remarks at Emmy's seal the deal.

9/9/2007 - No New Paris Hilton News to report.
Paris Hilton Sues a Cartoon!

9/9/2007 - Why Does Tom Cruise Run In Every Movie?
Please make him stop

9/9/2007 - MTV Awards Go on despite Britney's lip-synching.
Look Away - Brit Is Back.

9/9/2007 - Kid Rock Bitch slaps Tommy Lee
The battle for Pam's herpes (affection) continues as Tommy Lee gets pummeled by Mr. Ritchie


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