10:59 PM   |   October 21, 2018
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I Would Love To Fly This Thing

Andy Woerner and his friends built a life size X-Wing Fighter and are going to set that bitch off on in California on October 10th.

It's 21-feet long and has a 19-foot wingspan. It's powered by four Class M rocket engines (on the wings), which produce a red glow, just like the original.

It will be launched in a fashion similar to traditional model rockets, but after liftoff the wings are going to open to attack position, through the use of a motor the team installed.

They hope to recover the X-Wing in one piece after it's flight (via 3 parachutes). I wish these guys the best, and hopefully they'll have some sweet video available afterwards.
Oh, and Andy if you're reading this, I'll happily be strapped to it for it's maiden voyage. Sure it'll kill me, but it'll be a far better death than the slow, painful one my life provides.


3/7/2010 - Apple Delays Release Of IPad
The much-anticipated iPad tablet computer from Apple Inc. will start hitting U.S. store shelves on April 3, slightly later than originally planned.

6/10/2008 - Apple IPHONE Not As Cheap As It Appears?
Not mentioned in today's you-can't-get-away-from-it iPhone 3G announcement: AT&T's service plan jumps 10 a month. What's this? Did Apple finally figure out what the rest of the retail world did: That when you give away the razor you can charge through the nose for the blades?

4/23/2008 - Apple Quarterly Results are in
Mac Sales Way Up; iPod Sales F

1/3/2008 - Noika Announces Major Firmware Update
According to several insiders, Nokia released a major firmware update this past Thursday for its flagship handset, the N95 8GB.

12/2/2007 - The Plate Flipper Allows You To Tell Anyone Behind You Exactly What You Think
Message allows you some James Bond type flipping allowing you to communicate with others. You can change message as often as you like so you will never be easy to track down.

11/26/2007 - A New Device Helps Prevent Those Noxious Rear-End Odors
Just in time for the Holidays, a patent has been issued for the new flatulence Deodorizer.

11/19/2007 - Nintendo’s Wii Worth The Price And Any Line You May Need To Endure
There are approximately 65 Titles available for the Wii and I can only imagine the fun each of the games holds. This game will likely be in short supply over the Holidays, and for the price of 249 (base) it is worth standing in line, even overnight to get one.

10/25/2007 - ATM Card Has Encrypted PIN Inside Card
For the extra paranoid

10/25/2007 - Apple Touchscreen Patent Currently Pending
Apple's latest patent filing is for a tactile touchscreen

10/18/2007 - Umbrella Water Gun
Bond Baby!

10/7/2007 - You Can Turn This Lamp On Wiithout Touching It
You do not even need The Clapper

9/20/2007 - Quit Three Putting
Drive for Show - Putt for Dough. Argon Putter Review


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