12:46 AM   |   October 22, 2018
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Quit Three Putting

Drive for show and putt for dough. We all have heard it and said it 1000 times and yet we spend 400 every couple of years for a new driver and still use a hand me down putter from your Grandfather. God knows that I am guilty as OJ.

The newest product on the market to help combat the dreaded three putt is the Argon Laser Putter (199 available at www.argonputter.com). I recently have been training with the Argon Putter in my living room driving both my wife and cat crazy.

The Argon Putter is a training aid (i.e. illegal) that is different than anything that I have tried. Basically the Argon Putter is a putter with 3 lasers embedded into the face. It has two trigger to activate the lasers that also guarantee a good grip. Two lasers run parallel to the ball and a third laser shows where you will strike the ball. When you are lined up perfectly the third laser will shine on the bulls eye on the Putting Dome (10.95 www.argonputter.com).

Just out of the box the tendency is to play with the club and use the lasers to be perfectly aligned. After a while it became apparent that I am really bad at lining up my club face. I got to the point after 30 minutes or so of making a good 95 percent of my carpet putts.

I decided that I would take it up to the course and try it out on the practice greens with my coach and former PGA Club Pro P.J. (10 stroke shaver) Ruokis. Now the major difference in carpet putting and putting on the green is that my carpet is flat. It was becoming apparent that pointing the lasers (which worked surprising well on an overcast day) at the hole would not cut it. It tool P.J. pounding into my head that there is no such thing as bending a putt to realize that every single putt is a straight putt.

The Argon Putter is a great training tool. It is expensive but then again it is only about the same cost as 15 or so buckets of balls at the range. Spend the 200 bucks and USE IT and you will cut strokes off of your game.

Bruce Jarrad

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